The vision for the Global Idea Bank (GIB) is to create a vibrant, creative online community who work within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with trusted sources developing and sharing ideas. The Idea Bank structure ideas for many purposes: General discussions, Finding Partners, Create applications, Co-write articles, Create thesis topics, Action related work, Innovations and development. Each project consists of individuals and each project is based on ideas, with the GIB people can join forces internationally and make an impact locally and globally. It provides an opportunity for personal growth and a connection to a larger purpose. Every individual is important in the GIB. The universe consists of more than one star and so do the GIB, together we can create a brighter future.


Create ideas related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Reseach and Development (R&D) areas collaborate with members and refine the ideas to feasible projects.

Add your thoughts and ideas, follow and contribute to interesting projects around the world. Use the Idea Bank as a learning resource, a living encyclopedia with information and people who care about sustainability and survival. You will meet new friends and build your knowledge on solid foundations, not fake news.